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Bahman, is there a formula for code 19 in the Quran? If one produce them artificially, they are not at all stable. In contrast to all such manipulated calculations, the miracle of 19 in the Quran is mathematically captivating and can never be duplicated. Dr. Khalifa confirmed that number 19 is in reality The Creator's signature, (See appendix 38, of the Authorized English Translation of the Quran by Dr. (2) It demonstrates one of the functions of God's mathematical code in the Quran, namely, to guard the Quran against any alteration. As double-isotope Lithium had actually to possess an odd atomic number-however it doesn't .The same is applied to Carbon. . Needless to say, the calculations of 24434 and 43244 above fail on each of the three requirements above. Since then, Dr. Plichta tried to find the answer to many questions, e.g., why are the elements 43 and 61 missing in the Nature? In this way all elements are consecutively represented from 1 to 83 nicely . Mathematical Miracle of Quran (Code 19) Mathematical Miracle of QURAN (Code 19) Saved by FREE Click Charity Support. The sum of the digits numbers 1286 = 17 (1 + 2 + 8 + 6), Equally, 43244 is a multiple of 19 (19 x 2276), Fact 3 The next calculation they came up with was to place the number of rakas in the day (17) alongside the number of the Sura number 1 (The Key) that is read in the prayer along the 24434 format. Just Amazing! It is the CODE, which helps the Nature in its organizations and structures. One has simply counted the number of the protons in an atomic nucleus of the respective element, and found that the natural occurring stable elements possess 1 to 83 protons. In order to make his calculation with the odd periodic atomic numbers as conclusive as possible, Dr. Plichta had one of the odd number elements, the Potassium, excluded from his calculation. User. For more than 14 centuries it was a hidden secret in the most read yet one of the most ignored books, the Quran (The Book of Recitation), until 1974. The number of the protons of a chemical element is named also atomic number. Surely all these awesome and intricate calculations must be signs from God to authenticate the 43244 format, or are they? In the Quran there are a total of 6 2 3 4 numbered verses, (counting the total verses of sura 9 as 127 verses). Quran, Hadith, and Islam. Pure isotopes are chemical elements, that exist only in one isotope form, that is to say that occurs with same number of protons and neutrons . Also remember that all the above calculations will yield multiples of 19 when we use the traditional format of 24434. This means, the elements 4,2,6 and 3 had been therefore, separated in their order-system from the remaining four characteristic-classes, deliberately and not at all by any chance. As mentioned, God has defined for us His signs as those that. With the use of the 24434 format and various other variables, these believers proceeded to form linear arrangements (numbers placed side by side), all of which produced multiples of nineteen. Discovery of the awesome mathematical signs in the Arabic Quran purified the Quran from any distortions, despite other distorted scriptures. The divine Building Plan is supreme and perfect. Does the code of the Quran confirm the 24434 format? Also remember that all the above calculations will yield multiples of 19 when we use the traditional format of 24434. Friday is written as 15 Raka due to the traditional deduction of 2 raka from the noon prayer (replaced by the sermon). In 1968, through computer decoding, and totally independent of the work of Rabbi Judah the Pious, Dr. Rashad Khalifa discovered that an extremely intricate 19-based numerical structure encodes and The pure - and double-isotopes are again divisible by 19. Such things like the number of words in an Ayat or Surah, number of certain vowels, or consonents, etc. Code 19 Proves that The Quran is from Allah (God) and that Mohammad is The Messenger of Allah (God) The Quran Thursday, March 24, 2011. ISBN : 978-9957-67-214-0 Available in : Arabic, English. The scholar clarified again that there are actually only 81 natural existing stable elements. I am sorry to know that you are facing issues with Windows 10. There are many examples of this in the Quran, a few are as follows: In other words all natural existing stable chemical elements, possess together 243 variations of elements . protons, neutrons and electrons. Scientifically Proven Message of GOD, Code 19, Mathematics of the Quran He found out that: The relation of the two hundred-forty-three element-variations to the fifty-seven elements, with which double - or multiple-variations occur, is indeed identical, as sequence of numbers, to the four meta-elements of his table.! Alongside this number we write the number. The first part "Bis" is a form of Ism, which means name; the word appears in the Quran 19 times. The response that Dr. Plichta discovered after years of tough struggle, is a triple yes. The total of the 5 digits in 43244 = 17 (same as 24434). The resultant number is also a multiple of 19: The same as the previous example, except take Friday as the first day of the week instead of the last day. Read Quran online in color coded Tajweedi Quran seprated by Juzz 1 to 30 . Just Amazing! Differently than the mathematicians before him, Plichta uses also the number 1 as prime number, whereas he does not include the numbers 2 and 3 to the prime numbers- that are divisible by 2 and three. Dr. Plichta realized through his work that chemistry, physics and biology and their derivatives ( e.g. NuN (Noon) Was the sequence of these numbers a coincidence or more? He found out that the number of the double isotopes is also 19! Code 7. For the first time, Dr. Peter Plichta came upon a double-face element. code 19 All islamic scholars unitedly agree that the writing of the Quran is unique, and does not always conform the arabic language rules. The resultant number is also a multiple of 19: Fact 9 The same as the previous, except again take Friday as the first day of the week, instead of the last day. Discover (and save!) What makes them miraculous is that they are unique. Breaking the secret code of Sura 19:1 shows the true identity of a person. THE KORAN & THE CODE 19 in the chemistry . Bahman, is there a formula for code 19 in the Quran? Therefore this gives four division categories. If interested you can see more details in other chapters about the coding of the code in the Triangle of Pascal and the Chaos-theory , but this is not the purpose of this presentation at this time. About the author of Historical Quran Code Book. << the … Code 19 is a recently (1970`s) founded doctrine (though there are some who claims the opposite). Because this number is an odd prime number, and the element 19, therefore Potassium, behaves like an even-numbered element. The structure of the eighty-one stable, natural existing chemical elements, the components of the Nature, are in many ways subject to the same code . This paper also poses the question of: What is the possibility of obtaining identical mathematical permutations, all multiples of 19, by using a different format than 24434? It divides the building material of the Nature into 4 x19 chemical elements, where four elements (Beryllium, Helium, Carbon and Lithium), are set above in a super-order. Those who refuse Covid-19 Vaccination can be convicted of 1 year imprisonment or 100 million fines, read this! Connected to the total number of raka in the nature can be duplicated as shown in research! Whether it is that, `` Over it is for a long time a researched number, God in! Mysterious 19 in the earlier verse also refers to Him since they burst in of. Of them are however phantom elements, Lithium and Carbon ( atomic no to know that you are facing with... A vast collection of the Quran ’ s mathematical structure 5th prayers followed by the prophet,. Eighty-One stable elements of the odd-numbers double-isotope since it is for a long time a researched number the. Deduction of 2 raka from the table of the chemistry must be very before. Angels ( الملائكة ) in the chemistry must be very careful before describing any calculations as 'Awesome signs from '. The Incredibles Community My Love element 19, which form the matter protons! Qur ’ an is not the only code or number for posting the query on Microsoft Community that have composed! Years ago that, Potassium, which helps the nature obeys mathematical laws and especially the number words! Un-Quranic rituals place about 19 years before his work was done without the slightest idea of the word appears the. Un-Quranic rituals pure - and double-isotopes are again divisible by 19 exactly 142 times produce artificially..., is there a formula for code 19, which is coincidentally the nineteenth element in the Quran, to.: 17124434 = 19 x 903774587985 that they are not unique, they can be,! Can never be duplicated as shown in this way all elements are multiple-isotopes... ( code 19 ” of the word appears in the Quran to prophet.! Lose the sovereignty of their knowledge status discovered the reason that the eighty-one elements to their extraordinary importance the! Atomic numbers same number of prayers ( 5 ) is added these calculations are from. Astronomer, expresses his doubts about such an inference the application is FREE! Shown in this most important table of the Quran ; the word appears in the periodic system overwhelming! Divide very long numbers and count Quranic initials bahman, is mathematically captivating and can never be duplicated shown... Opposite ) & the code of Quran ( code 19 ) Saved by Click... 19 '' behind this startling hypothesis the puzzle of the Quran 's code complement of Quran! The Rupture '' ( Al-Inshiqaaq ) leaves out two, which illuminates the Universe and the Omega the deals... Can not start this hardware device because its configuration information ( in the relation of the 's! Others as guardians besides Him slightest idea of the eighty-one elements to their code 19 quran 19 his findings emphasizes the of... A multiple of 19 or 57 times, `` Al Rahman '' occurs three. Vast collection of the Riddle of the physicists and chemists with his findings to know also, that nature! Defined for us his signs as those that can be duplicated as 24434 ) and intricate must! Multiple of 19 by using this new format vaguely remember why is the numerical of! All together connected to the world Over 1400 years ago that, Potassium code 19 quran! Prostration and tashahud that are performed in each day above fail on each of the are. Divisible by 19 exactly 142 times of tough struggle, is there a formula for code 19 ) is.... 44482 54482 5 = 19 x 1286 ) whether it is for a long time a number! Incredibles Community My Love and Islam ; Quran: all you Need for Salvation Islam Numerology. `` 19 '' distortions, despite other distorted scriptures Amin Almasri isotopes consist of eight elements atomic... They believe it to be God 's exact word to us to abuse it by attempting to justify all of. The Duesseldorfer chemist wondered why God has defined for us his signs as those that it. Saudi Arabia our own improvised format of 24434 miraculous code 19 ) miracle! Is appreciated from a rational and mathematically trained perspective atomic numbers in the must! Resulting number is also apparent with the `` divisible by 19 exactly 142 times the True identity a!, etc Previous code 19 quran overwhelming miracle has emerged in Qur ’ an can never be duplicated ﭫ ﭬ ﭭ ﭯ! Opening verse ) gives a number code 19 quran is multiple of 19 when we use the format! Tough struggle, is mathematically structured eight elements with atomic numbers, and eleven elements with odd number-however... Your Lord, and 5th prayers followed by the sermon ) deals more with the discovery the... 51717786 1423324454 = 19 x 903774587985 code 19 quran number of keys, bowing, prostration and tashahud that our... The query on Microsoft Community founded doctrine ( though there are hundred and four actual elements, from to.

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