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Kaotech Marine Services Sp. z o.o. has been established in 2011 on the base of the Kaotech Krzysztof Dąbrowski company, providing mechanical services in the maritime industry since 2005.The company is located at Ludzi Morza 13B Street in Świnoujście where it owns a professional and modern infrastructure adjusted to the carried out business. The company headquarters is also located there and it includes management and administration offices, as well as a fully crane equipped repair workshop with a logistic background, completed in 2016.

Specialist tools are available for the workshop staff, allowing to perform repairs on almost all main and auxiliary engines found on ships, as well as prefabrication and repairs of ship pipeline systems. A well developed logistic background, including delivery trucks and cars, forklifts, a gantry with the lifting capacity of 5 tons, and an access to the shore, allow to efficiently execute even the most difficult projects.


Our staff consists of highly qualified and experienced workers, who in their approach and commitment completely identify with the company’s achievements and quality goals, constantly raising the level of provided services. They constantly develop their skills and broaden their competences by participating in professional courses and trainings. Service technicians possess inter alia:

– Bureau of Technical Inspection International Certificates of Competence for handling equipment in the II S category (scope of certification: gantries, floor operated hoists and winches, as well as workshop stationary jib cranes: hook, general purpose)

– Bureau of Technical Inspection International Certificates of Competence for handling equipment in the II WJO category (scope of certification: lifting trucks excluding specialized)

– SSG Entre certificates (issued by the Standard Solutions Group after finishing mandatory work safety courses for shipyards in Sweden)

– Hot Work certificates (valid in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark)

– Individual international certificates confirming welding licenses (MAG, MIG, TIG and other methods).

About company


Caring for our clients’ satisfaction and aiming to meet their needs and expectations, we’ve implemented a Quality Management system at the company, constantly perfecting and adjusting to the changing market conditions and the social-economic environment.
The above mentioned goals and methods of achieving them, have been documented in the QUALITY POLICY.

The confirmation of the accordance of our processes with international standards and the highest quality services offered by us, is constituted by the acceptance issued by the following Classification Societies:


As a company caring for the clearness of business contacts and partner relations with contracting parties, we’ve created the
GENERAL REPAIR CONDITIONS. However, we are always open to any propositions and we try to adjust to our clients in a flexible manner.

We have a CIVIL LIABILITY POLICY in terms of the carried out business, for the sum of 2 million PLN and all of our service technicians are always properly insured (A-1 in terms of working in the EU, individual insurances for working on heights, etc.).