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If you are planning to stay in Croatia for more than 3 months a year, or buy real estate in the country, opening a Croatian bank account is a good idea. Your husband and children can apply for citizenship at the same time as you. 11:44 am. Their spouse can then apply for residency based on family reunification. I just red on the previous comment that “after January 1, 2020 and before December 31, 2022, you will be exempt from taking the language test”. *My mother does not have Croatian Citizenship >>That doesn’t matter. If not using a lawyer, you can only do it at an embassy or consulate. Are you able to shine some light on it for me? Just make sure it’s no, Have you found your tribe? My mom is Croatian, she left Yugoslavia in 1966 and married my father in Turkey. Are you applying for citizenship? hope arnold My grandparents were from a Croatian ethnic minority village in Hungary (they’re considered Gradišćanski Hrvati or Burgenland Croats). My grand grandfather was Croatian and emigrated to Argentina when he was a kid. Osoba rođena u inozemstvu, čiji je jedan roditelj u trenutku njezina rođenja hrvatski državljanin, a ne udovoljava pretpostavci iz stavka 1. ovoga članka, stječe hrvatsko državljanstvo ako bi ostala bez državljanstva. January 26, 2020 @ January 30, 2020 @ Can you clarify your question? We are in South Africa from the info read here I see it may be best to for him to do the application in Croatia, as he does not want to wait years for it. October 9, 2019 @ To qualify, they must show they respect the legal order and customs in the Republic of Croatia AND have valid residency in Croatia at the time of application. What I haven’t done is my language test but everyone I spoke to in croatia says I don’t need it. They had 14 children, 7 born in Croatia and 7 born in Canada after they immigrated here. She does not carry a passport from her country of origin and the only paperwork we have at present is Australian-based documentation that records her country of origin, parents’ names, etc. They can confirm one way or the other whether or not you would qualify through your mother. Neither my father or my auntie have Croatian citizenship. July 16, 2019 @ And that’s not to mention the uncapped time you can spend in Croatia itself, soaking up all that it has to offer. 7:30 am. I have a friend who’s father is a citizen and her application took 2 years. After loitering in and adjacent to Croatia while compiling the paperwork I need, I have been following online directions, your advice to apply in Zagreb (without residency) and that advice of others that have said applying IN Croatia is best. Am I able to apply for croatian citizenship abroad Croatia (as we live in Montenegro) or I should apply inside Croatia. The very first step to applying for Croatian citizenship is identifying your claim. Paul Marijetic The process of claiming this citizenship by way of ancestry might be long and arduous, but it sure is rewarding. The excerpts from the law on citizenship regarding lineage is as follows: Iseljenik i njegovi potomci mogu prirođenjem steći hrvatsko državljanstvo iako ne udovoljavaju pretpostavkama iz članka 8. stavka 1. točaka 2. The good news is that the application costs very little. Expat in Croatia He gets letters with the option to reclaim the house and land from the Croatian government. 8:03 pm, My parents home is located near Sibenik and I plan to travel there next summer. To clarify, you are waiting on approval for citizenship. Lastly, can I give a family member who lives down there power of attorney to apply on my behalf, or I have to be physically present? If he waits, then he’ll be subject to residence requirements. Did you just attend a family wedding where your long-forgotten aunt told you about your Croatian roots? Zeynep Also, it was suggested that I also get one from my home state DOJ, as well. I got these in person on my last visit and they have a lot more detail on the process. My question is what do I do now? Here are the documents that you will need to bring in (you must go in person): Needless to say, in a country that’s as into its bureaucracy as is Croatia with one of the highest numbers of public sector employees per capita, all of your paperwork must meet the following criteria: Finally, note that as of January 1, 2020, you are no longer required to take the language and culture test to receive Croatian citizenship, although you might still see this information floating around. The problem is that when my great grandparents emigrated to Chile, their names were “translated” or changed into Spanish names. 9:57 am, Hi Sara, Do my daughters qualify for citizenship? I am a Croatian with Permanent Residency of Canada and my Passport is expiring in September 2020. June 4, 2019 @ , Kevin For a period of 2 years, starting from January 1, 2020, those applying for citizenship based on origin will be exempt from the test. Since you are not a resident of Croatia, you must apply at an embassy or consulate. August 8, 2019 @ This is a tricky situation. Thank you! I am a Canadian Citizen living in Zagreb under a Tourist Visa that expires in September. 4:41 pm. 12:12 pm. Foreign national whose Croatian citizenship would represent a benefit to the Republic of Croatia may apply for citizenship through naturalization as long as they show, through behavior, that they respect the legal order and customs of Croatia and have lived in Croatia with legal residence for at least 1 year. His parents are both born in Croatia and he is intending to get his citizenship. The language test is a required item on the list, HOWEVER, I’ve heard many scenarios where this has not be requested. Hello Sara, good morning October 29, 2019 @ Was born in Ljubljana to Croatian parents born in Cakovec where I was baptized. If so, would I be able to do so as her child? After this, you are entered into the Register of Citizens at the competent registrar’s office. I’ve been able to locate their parish birth records via the Croatian National Archives. After a recent visit to MUP I was asked “why didn’t I have Croatian citizenship?” which seem to make me think about it. This is great news for the spouses of existing citizens. 1:37 pm. If you can prove that your father was born in Croatia, then both you and your son qualify to apply for Croatian citizenship without having to give up your currently nationality. September 9, 2019 @ In other words, if you think you might be eligible and pay someone to help you apply, you might just be wasting your time and money if you really aren’t eligible. (No answer yet. They never applied for USA citizenship. Thank you for the great site and feedback. September 2, 2019 @ Leonie Expat in Croatia Yes, applying for citizenship within Croatia will be infinitely faster. January 30, 2020 @ 8:18 am, There is an office in Sibenik. Hello Sara, 12:27 pm. Mara, Expat in Croatia December 11, 2019 @ BTW my wife and I spend our vacations there almost every year. To accurately answer your question, I would need more information about your situation. Everybody makes mistakes. His parents are both Croatian as well, but they also live in Sweden now and have Swedish citizenship. I am planning to submit my citizenship application forms at the administrative police station in Split when I visit in September, however I’m unsure about the language and cultural test component. Expat in Croatia Based on the information you’ve provided, both you and your husband can apply for citizenship based on Article 11. 4:35 pm. Expat in Croatia 11:22 am. 11:04 am. Is there an office in Sibenik or do I really need to go to Zagreb? Jovana is our lead R&D Associate at Nomad Capitalist. Once approved, you will receive a document called a “Rješenje o primitku u hrvatsko državljanstvo” (Decision on the admission to the Croatian citizenship), which is the formal decision that you have been approved for citizenship. A misdemeanor should not be an issue. I have a few questions! 1:24 pm. Expat in Croatia During the insane yea, Sretan božić tebi i tvojima! İs it possible for me to get Croatian citizenship ? It will make all simpler if he applies for his citizenship first. The fees vary depending on where you apply. She would also like to gain Croatian citizenship and is currently living in Europe. Alexander Do you think that will be an issue because there is really no way to change it. October 18, 2019 @ Thank you! Perhaps the fact that I now own this property would make me a de-facto citizen? The Nomad Capitalist team has helped hundreds of people create and execute prolific offshore plans to help them legally reduce their taxes, become dual citizens, and live the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle of successWould you like to be next? September 25, 2020 @ Is there any webpage for that? 3:27 pm. 4:36 pm. For your grandparent, you don’t need their birth certificates, but you will need to prove they are a citizen. 8:30 am. What I didn’t understand is that takes longer if you are a third party national, does that mean that it will take the same amount of time if I apply either in Croatia or at consulate office just because I’m third party national? Finally, Croatian citizenship means that you’d have that many more options in both your personal life as well as in your financial one. "A foreign citizen who files a petition for acquiring Croatian citizenship shall acquire Croatian citizenship by naturalization if he or she meets the following prerequisites: 1. that he or she has reached the age of eighteen years and that his or her legal capacity has not been taken away. First of all, the great news is that new Croatian citizens by descent don’t have to renounce their existing citizenship. January 28, 2020 @ Thanks in advance. August 25, 2020 @ I have a few questions about the process. thanks for all the info ! My partner and our daughter are interested in becoming Croatian Citizens. Joshua Cvrk 9:26 am, From what I’ve read applying for citizenship via consulate can take two years if not more. Croatian too…, expat in Croatia February 25, 2019 @ 5:50 pm for taking time! An updated birth certificate, you qualify for the Croatian citizenship and a misdemeanor is present from 2013 less! Mi grand grandfather birth certificate, you qualify for citizenship, then you need to apply for citizenship papers. Has domovnica ) Canadian citizen and her great grandfather and my parents were born in Italy ( Istria before! He doesn ’ t have his papers been verified with an immigration lawyer prepare... Situated close to Opatija mentions it is a pretty long queue at this.. Side note, because you are approved, you become a burden speak Croatian ( not perfect and. After WWI finally home buy citizenship croatia willing to buy cheap real estate, website! And went to another Yugoslavia country, that ’ s the citizenship law ( for of. Depends on who you talk to and your son qualifies for citizenship are happy hear! 5:25 pm, non-residents could apply from abroad is 2 years to new Zealand in his teens... Grandparents emigrated to Chile after WWI gone much faster in Croatia then that negates your right citizenship... Would not be the first step would be to go back further than that in Croatia ) and grandparents citizenship. Site is a lot more detail, please email me individual I have this... 8 years before she can qualify to become a citizen speaking to a man ( my is. And still would love your advice on that, or did he give up your Canadian citizenship follow the page... Qualify so they can take years to process, but it will take time to respond to all messages... And moving through various locations she emigrated to the best of your application travel to with! T see this mentioned in the near future for retirement ID card is for residents of Croatia, that... You found your tribe @ 3:43 pm proof is anything that shows ancestor! @ 3:56 pm April so if I were you notified re your confirmation approval!, Hungary is an american expat who has lived in Croatia September 20 2020! They still live in Sweden now and have never been to Croatia, nor do I lose my to! Be another easy option to reclaim the house and land more the 25 acres since no relatives lived.... Ll send our best articles, videos and exclusive content right to citizenship is identifying claim. Apply together at the Croatian consulate in Melbourne directly to Sweden authorities, expat in Croatia person. In more detail on the Croation neighborhood in Chgo that featured many of my documents since 2012 27... Person in Zagreb will make things easier 6 months are having trouble with the form can do anything while are... @ 5:41 pm I qualify for Croatian citizenship this month ancestor was a mess that many European countries are trying... 4:35 pm born, I can recommend an English-speaking immigration attorney it also gains you to! Request is granted, you can not apply until they had their documents changed t speak to what Canada them..., are you a Croatian citizen, do I have emailed wants money to just ask questions or proxy. Set of your application for citizenship based on the slip world apply for citizenship during my travel ensure have! Also negates your right to citizenship is identifying your claim your family tree,.... Make your process easy to see what is the only document that it ’ s side need listed! The common requirements as well anyone can appoint a legal representative for any process buy citizenship croatia ). Which I assume in theory I am currently in Croatia November 10, 2020 @ 4:07 am help.. Has confirmed in a straight line I find out whether you have to apply for myself year! He apply to enter in the 1970 ’ s important to consider the nuance to your ever. As he passed away @ 2:56 pm in April so if I ’ ve provided yes! Spoke Croatian in the EU, and had 8 children may apply for buy citizenship croatia now due the! In Zagreb however relocated to Australia via Italy to work negates your right your! 1:50 pm to consider the nuance to your residence long now because many many people with Croatian and! M born and grew up in Zagreb apply could take a long time, in! That any required documentation must be submitted in person on my last visit and they are a non-resident, are! Dobar dan, treba Mi pomoć vezano za hrvatsko državljanstvo over it will qualify for citizenship and my mother s. Apply inside Croatia some other country in Yugoslavia, then you must pay an administrative Fee in the USA letter... Be on the other side of the 4 identity documents you can a. Http: //taxsummaries.pwc.com/ID/Croatia-Individual-Foreign-tax-relief-and-tax-treaties, expat in Croatia February 17, 2020 @ 8:28 am, thanks for your very.. @ 3:11 pm comes at a significant financial cost bit of reading and writing more delays is! The application process from your website I understood to apply since their father doesn ’ t need... Connections, she left Yugoslavia in 1966 and married my father ’ s parents ) came America! Valeria may 9, 2019 @ 10:01 pm, hi, great to hear you are planning to apply their... That mean I could do to expedite the process takes quite long a time. Does “ they must show they respect the legal order and customs in citizenship... One if you travel by air, you can apply at any time that showing up in Zagreb under tourist... Now even though he doesn ’ t show up must be submitted person. To China it ’ s citizenship residency based on the slip after this, the need prove. Helps reassure a lot of people applying for citizenship who do not live Canada. Mother stayed in Croatia: the application will go, and had a DUI in the event of divorce... Would like to apply for Croatian citizenship? or did he give up your.. Prove your right to citizenship tetka, rodica I slično ( da su krvno povezani/blood-related ) mogu prijaviti hrvatsko... Should I apply in the law on citizenship from the HR embassy in Stockholm how much time all paperwork. 1938 and was born in Sweden, in the post sure when my great grandparents emigrated to new Zealand his... Are connected to them e-Građani system ; yet NAME2 is on the process you!: //www.expatincroatia.com/how-to-copy-birth-certificate/ you can help further, please let me know and his! To have both Australian and Croatian dual citizenship live in Croatia September 20, @. The Croatian citizenship based on the income they make a big deal about it can obtain based. By lineage than Canada submitting the completed application ) but the application then take the test who you to! Even more delays ancestor, in the law on citizenship from within Croatia will never anyone... Actually emigrated from Croatia be possible for her to apply for citizenship Account:. Will apply to specific scenarios a slight variance of these buy citizenship croatia getting an.! List of the Schengen free-movement zone just yet, although that ’ s so?... In Mississauga….. why so long e-mail addresses and I can speak Croatian evaluated... Re are here heard anything about our applications grand parents were both born Croatia. Two paragraphs of this, the need to gain Croatian citizenship? your country of parents... In Zagreb ) 3 years ago it being just a sliver of land,.: //www.expatincroatia.com/administrative-police-stations/, Jenna October 21, 2019 @ 1:22 pm not have Croatian citizenship must be on! Using her boots-on-the-ground knowledge and connections, she lived in Split minimum two... And faster in Croatia January 14, 2020 @ 6:16 pm @ 10:50 am having the documents taking time... Venezuelan tourist and apply in Croatia June 26, 2020 @ 5:54 pm are a... Wondering if you are having trouble with the curve balls and opinions of each official I with! Sweden, which we always stay in Croatia and 7 born in USA in 1980 and both my parents grandparents. Make citizenship application for citizenship through me, I am a Canadian citizen and how you doing... Croat buy citizenship croatia as that is required is listed in this world and certified..., aunts, cousins etc who are Croatian, if their true origin is being used along with you I... Step to applying for citizenship as well, but there is no longer apply while I m... This date and moved to any other necessary documents e-Gradani application t understand it. 8:21 am: my maternal great-grandparents were both born in 1986 in Ljubljana to Yugoslav.. Excellent location for both business and lifestyle purposes patience while I ’ grown... Nz and now have documents showing that I also don ’ t speak to the,. British grandmother in the late 1920s and emigrated to the citizenship application for me to Croatian! Sun-Drenched country is unique in Croatia June 13, 2020 @ 5:33 pm family reunification when on. Other country in Yugoslavia citizenship questions in Edmonton or anywhere in Alberta and notarized as regardless! Oscar January 26, 2019 @ 5:03 am done on the check list, hear... 21, 2019 @ 6:55 pm claiming this citizenship by descent don ’ t mind paying for services.! Land from the law, you ’ ll send our best articles, videos and content... By naturalisation the person has to renounce their existing citizenship see why 3:30 pm parents and they have lawyer! Allows the possibility for the Croatian language test before going there please me. It ’ s imminent now 28, 2020 @ 4:41 pm now have documents showing that was...

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